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Live Birth


With live births, they run $550 for the first 4 hours and then $50 for each addtional hour.

I give you a minimum of 50 images capturing the most amazing moments of this day.
most galleries have 100+ images from moments 


ala carte a video for $150, a 3-5 min highlight reel of the most special moments.
ala cartes are add on ONLY.


You call me when you are going to the hospital for anything that is not a routine appointment, we then stay in touch until you're at

6-8cm and I then come to the hospital until you have baby.

My time starts when I get into the room & ends when baby is born, I then will continue to capture the special first moments that usually mom misses with them taking out the placenta and checking vitals.


I stay for 30min longer after baby is born getting the first moments with mom and dad.

Fresh 48


This is a candid session done in the hospital (usually) or can be done at home in baby's nursery.

$350, 25+ images with full print release.

Session usually last 1hr.
Capturing the very first memories that are easy to forget, small things and minor details that when you look back, gives you the happiest feelings.

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