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meet your photographer.

Hi there! My name is Laura, I'm a mother to 5 daughters: 12, 10, 7, 7  & 4 years old. 
I specialize in maternity & newborn photography, but for my clients have grown

and will capture anything you'd like. I just know my strong suits 🖤

Moving into a saturated market like this, I wanted to show what sets me apart from others. 
To start, I am insured & licensed, I am not just someone you're handing your baby over "hoping they know how to pose safely" you KNOW & have peace of mind that your baby, your brand new tiny baby will be in safe hands. Plus those images that you can not replace (because baby is only 2weeks old once in their life time) you KNOW they will be perfect... if I do say so myself. 🖤

I recently came across someone charging $20 for sessions...

I wanted to show you were your investment goes into my sessions.

Insurance: $400 yearly 
Business License(s): $150 yearly
Camera Body: $2,500
Sigma 24-70mm: $1,500
Sigma 35mm: $700
Sigma 85mm: $1,000
Lighting: $800
Apple iMac: $1,700 
Maternity Gowns: ~ $1,600 (29 gowns & growing)
Props: ~$2,500 (and forever growing)
Classes, Workshops & Tutorials: $1,300
Website, Data Storage: $600 yearly 

This is a full time job. Between the hours of editing, culling images, and finding the perfect ones for your family's gallery are hours spent away from my own. Count in the time spent communicating with clients, scouting new locations, learning new tricks of the trade, wear and tear on my equipment and vehicle and you'll come to a fair price which you are all offered. This is not my "hobby" this is my profession and when you choose me you are choosing a professional, not an amateur or beginner, you know what you will be receiving, not hoping for the best. 🖤📷

Currently living in Kansas City area

This is me, every bit of me goes behind each shutter on my camera.
{Laura Shockley}



Tel: 706-340-3322


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